Welcome to Melbourne Vibe!

We are a company which aims to help inform International Students who plan to come to Australia. With the help of our videos and mentors you’ll be well prepared to face the huge shift from your home country to the beautiful land that is Australia.

Melbourne Vibe are providing affordable short-term accommodation and a mentoring program for international students, run by international students, which will assist students transitioning for life in Australia to further their studies. We also prove on-going online support to students planning to come to Australia for further studies via social media.

Our main point of contact is YouTube where we have reached over 200 countries and gained 400,000 video views since launching in December 2017, we realised there was a lack of information for students coming to Australia and we now use YouTube to provide transparent information regarding ‘how to find a part-time job’​, ‘how to find accommodation’​, ‘what is the education system like in Australia’​, amongst many more topics requested by our viewers.

Melbourne Vibes mission is to support and equip international students with the knowledge they need when entering Australia as a student.

Our team is based in Melbourne with future plans to expand all over Australia and the world. To do that we’d love for you all to share the content we create so we can help individuals like yourself! With a wealth of knowledge and support Melbourne Vibe is here to help. We launched in December 2017 and have reached over 200 countries to date!

Why are we the best ones to refer to when you plan to move internationally? Because we have first hand experience! Our team members are international students who are living, working and studying in Australia – we’ve got some very helpful locals too. We know exactly how you might be feeling and how daunting it can be to make the big move.

Our main goal is to provide you with enough information about Australia so that it’s less stressful when you’re finding a job, permanent accommodation, finding the best University for your studies and how to network with people here. Think of us like a big brother or sister, we’re here to share our first hand knowledge and expertise to make your move a little bit easier.

We’ve got you covered.

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